Mike Nabil
Mike Nabil and team Hermyz recieve the grand prize at Visa hackathon, April 2018

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Software Developer, Tech Educator

I’m a full-stack software developer and a tech educator, who is passionate about automation and application security. I'm also an advocate of online privacy, open source software, and diversity in tech. I build applications in JavaScript and Ruby, and my favorite stack is Rails on the backend, and React on the frontend.

I'm currently the Director of the DC Youth Corps at FutureFIRST, where I help individuals from underserved communities in DC pursue a career in tech. Before that, I taught web development and visual programming with General Assembly, FLYE, and Code4Life. I've also worked on several social media campaigns and Search Engine Optimization projects for Fission Strategy, Loebig Ink, PCC4Refugees, and AsylumConnect.

I'm a big fan of CodeWars, a community of 500,000 software engineers. I'm one of its top 100 contributors, and I appear on its leaderboard. My SQL and TypeScript katas have been taken nearly 20,000 times so far.

In April 2018, I participated in the #SmallBusinessWeek hackathon, which was organized by Visa and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Together, with four of my colleagues, we built Hermyz, a Slack bot which helps small businesses track and pay their invoices. Hermyz won the grand prize of the hackathon $10,000, and was covered by Visa, PYMNTS.com, and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

When I'm not working, you can find me cycling with my Meetup group, practicing nature photography, and listening to Reggaeton.

You can always reach out to me at Mike@Mike.Digital.

Let’s build awesome apps together!

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Languages Markdown | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | TypeScript | Ruby | Python | SQL | Shell | Regex
JavaScript React | Redux | Node | Express | ES6 | jQuery | Angular | React Native
CSS CSS | SASS | SCSS | LESS | Bootstrap | Materialize
Backend Express | Rails | WordPress | Django
Databases MongoDB | PostgreSQL | MySQL | Firebase | DynamoDB
Deployment AWS | Google Cloud | Heroku | GitHub | GitLab
Testing Test-Driven Development | RSpec | Chai | Mocha | Jest | Enzyme
Other Bash | Zsh | Git | Agile | Wire-framing | User Stories | Domain Modeling | ERD

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Mike is a knowledgeable and very capable full stack web developer. I have learned much from Mike and value his competence, capabilities, ability to work and contribute to teams. Most of all, I value his ability to help the whole team learn and work together to accomplish the remarkable. Mike is ambitious, hard working, and committed to learning, getting better everyday, and delivering results and value. You can't go wrong with Mike on your team.

Mike is a dynamo - an incisive genius whose strategic vision helped accelerate many of our projects across a wide array of issues such as immigration reform, the environment, education, human rights, humanitarian foundation support and more. He's a quick study for any topic or tech and can seemingly become an expert overnight. I'd recommend him to any team looking to enhance their success.

We were lucky to come across a unique talent like Mike. I was particularly constantly impressed by Mike's ability to multi-task with students, engage with management and maintain personal relationships with company clients. While managing a small team, executing a program of 30 students and teaching web development, Mike has proven that leadership and management are skills he inherently holds.

Mike is an extremely reliable colleague. When faced with complicated problems, he offered simple solutions that reflected a deep and thoughtful engagement with the problem at hand. He consistently and proactively contributed valuable perspective to crucial team decisions, spotting potential problems before they arose. He is very passionate, driven, self-reliant, compassionate, and profoundly motivated to help others.

Mike is a strategic thinker, productive do-er, and problem solver extraordinaire. He always has great ideas for what can be done better, and excellent follow through with getting those things done! He does an outstanding job addressing concerns in detail with compelling stats, and thinks through the best recommendations to make. His proactive drive in pushing projects forward makes for great collaboration and teamwork.

Mike was an integral part of the AsylumConnect team as our dedicated Social Media Manager. In this role, he drastically improved AsylumConnect's multi-platform social media presence by increasing both our followings and level of engagement. He reliably crafted informative, timely, and engaging content. He was always responsive, insightful, and willing to offer suggestions to improve our social media performance.